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Shri Vyanknath Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Solankur

About Us

At a glance

Shri Vyanknath Shikshan Prasarak Mandal is committed to achieve the vision and mission to provide necessary but quality education to the students from hilly, rural and heavy rainfall areas which belongs to socially and economically backward classes so as to make them globally competent. Also to inculcate social, human values such as equity, kindness, honesty, discipline and to promote the values regarding social services, secularism, nationalism, scientific temperament, and environmental awareness.

Established in 1996

Starting with primary, high school, junior college of arts & science; the senior college started in the year 2009 with the mission to sensitize the students to ethical, social and cultural values to make an enlightened nation and strive for mass welfare and happiness through spread of education.

Committed to meet

Educational and societal needs of the hilly rural area which will help to build up the humane nation under the skilled leadership of college Chairman Hon. R. Y. Patil saheb.

Competent guidance of president Hon. A. Y. Patil saheb

To meet the barrier in higher education and to remove the inequities in access to education amongst various social groups, as the region geographically mountainous rural area.

Situated in

Hilly and heavy rainfall area which is surrounded by two dams and a wildlife sanctuary & a part of sahyadri ghat.