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Student Council

As per the provisions laid down in the sections 40 (2) (b) of Maharashtra University Act, 1994, the college had constituted ‘Student Council’ up to the academic year 2014-15. After the revision of the act , the Student Council constituted in the academic year 2021-22 according to the provision of the section 99, 147 (2) (1) of Maharashtra Public University Act 2016.

According to the provision of the act, one student from each class was nominated according to the merit of the last year’s examination. One student with outstanding performance from Sports, Cultural, NCC and NSS department each was nominated as the member of Student Council. According to the provision of the Act, two girl students from category of SC/ST/NT/ST were nominated on the Student Council by the Principal of the college. The girl students were nominated by taking care of proportionate representation of the socially backward classes. That was also given on the basis of their academic merit and performance. After nominating the representatives from all the departments a Secretary of the Student Council was elected through all the representatives. The election was held according to the provision and instruction in the circular of Shivaji University.

The composition the committee for the formation of Student Council is as follows.

ChairmanThe Principal
MemberDirector, Sports department
MemberProgramme officer, NSS Department
MemberAssistant Professor/Associate Professor/ Professor nominated by the Principal.
MemberOne student with academic merit from each discipline
MemberOne student with outstanding performance in Sports
MemberOne student with outstanding performance in Cultural activities
MemberOne student with outstanding performance in NSS
MemberTwo girl students nominated by the Principal.

The grievances, difficulties and suggestion of the students of the college were discussed in the meeting of Student Council held in the previous academic years.

Student’s role in Academic administration:

Students’ representation and participation have been an integral part of the academic administration. Students were represented on the following committees:

    • College Development Committee (CDC)
    • Anti-ragging Committee (ARC)
    • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
    • Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
    • Earn While Learn Scheme
    • NSS Committee
    • Gymkhana Committee
    • Cultural Committee
    • Library Committee
    • Magazine Committee
    • Student Aid Fund Committee
    • Annual prize distribution committee

The objective behind the adequate representation of the students on various bodies of the college is as following:

    1. Monitoring various academic, cultural events organized in the college.
    2. Maintaining discipline in the college campus.
    3. Mediating between students and college administration.
    4. Coordinating all extracurricular activities.
    5. Volunteering in conferences, workshops, seminars, sport events and other functions.
    6. Making the students the part of college development process.
    7. Making the students the part of quality improvement programme.
    8. To motivate the students for leading and being responsible.