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Code of Conduct

For Students

  • Compulsory attendance of students in the classes, lectures, tutorials, seminars, semester and annual exams.
  • Use of I-card compulsory in the college campus.
  • Strict measures for the students found guilty or using unfair means.
  • Uniform compulsory in college.

For Teachers

  • Strict adherence to exam practices.
  • Use of ICT in effective teaching.
  • Maximum scope given to the students beyond the routine timetable.

For Non-Teaching

  • Maintain the service book of permanent teaching and non-teaching faculty.
  • Maintain and revise the accounts, financial statements and service record.

For Principal

  • Monitor and supervise administration, academics, financial and budgetary provisions of the college.
  • Encourage faculty members for curricular advancements, research and FDP.
  • Work as a bridge between staff and management for smooth functioning of activities.
  • Evaluate the staff performances and prepare confidential reports of all teaching and non-teaching staff.