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True Friends Club

…. Not for greed, it’s need !

CO-Ordinator : Dr. S. H. Tamboli & Mr. A. P. Patil


Activity 01 : Help to needy students

Goal: To help the needy students through the student’s involvement.

The context:

In this club, the students contribute to help their friend who have financial problem to perceive his/her education smoothly.
True Friends Club…. Not for greed, it’s need !

As the Solankur is situated at hilly area, most of the college students are coming from the various villages around it. Most of the people are economically backward. 
In the morning when an ailed student is coming to the college, he/she knew that due to some family problem he/she would not come to college by tomorrow. But, when he/she enters in the college and mix-up with the friends, giggle with them, while making the noise with the friends; he/she forgets their family problems and gets some positive energy to contest with it. When he/she is returning to the home, they have smile on their face and thinks that this would not be my college last day; I will go on by tomorrow also. He/she became hopeful for the good time.

True friends’ club members help to their friends those having financial problems by offering the money from their pocket by cutting their extra-expenditures. This will creates awareness in the students to look around with the open eyes and think about the friend’s problem in this modern era of facebook, whats-app etc. This helps to strengthen their friendship and to learn about the social awareness.

We collect the money from the students in the box, without any compulsion for the specific amount. Teachers scrutinize the suggested student’s economical condition by visiting their home.  Then the collected amount is given to the beneficiary student with the college contribution.  We have encountered some bottle necks while running these activities such as the students are collecting the money from their pocket money, the collected amount is not sufficient to end up beneficiary’s complete financial problems. So that, more resources are required.  

Activity: 02: Blood Supply in Emergency 

Goal: To provide the blood for the students and their family in emergency case.

College consisting around 600 students and 25 staff members. If accidently something happens to someone of the group member or their family members and if they badly needed the blood, then our college group will provide it through blood bank. This will be a real help to survive someone’s life. It will also give the awareness about our responsibility towards the society. This activity will bond all the students, staff members and parents as a unique family. This activity helps to highlight the college’s role, contribution and importance in the society.  

Every year our college perceives the blood donation camp in the tie-up with the Vishva-Lakshmi blood bank. The blood bank gives the coupon to every blood donor (student/staff) in the agreement that the donor will get same amount of blood in the return in need. The ‘True Friends Club’ of our college collects those coupons and retains it safely along with the blood donor list. Due to some accident if someone badly needed the blood, our college provides the required blood coupons as well as make blood donors available. So, it can help to save someone’s life. We also keep the list of rear blood donors for the same