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Astronomy Club Co-Ordinator : Dr. A. A. Jatratkar

Objectives of Astronomy Club

  • To make awareness about astronomy amongst people.
  • To provide and enrich the knowledge of astronomy of school and college students.
  • To reduce superstitions from society.
  • To promote observational astronomy.
  • To arrange lectures and workshop to enhance instrumental astronomy.

Activities conducted by the Astronomy club

  • Night Sky Observation
  • Planetary Observation
  • Workshops
  • Guest Lectures

The moto of Astronomy Club is to make the awareness about Astronomy and Science amongst people. This activity is conducted by Dept. of Physics under the leadership of Dr. A. A. Jatratkar, Dr. R. B. Patil and Dr. S. H. Tamboli.

Night Sky Observation conducted at college campus.

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