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Department Of Botany


    • Qualified and Experienced staff.
    • Well-equipped lab for B. Sc. I & B. Sc. II. And B. Sc.-III
    • Adequate number of chemicals and digital instruments balance, pH meter, microwave oven, Microscopes, Autoclave, etc.
    • Staff is engaged actively in research, Research guideship recognition,
    • International, National conferences, seminars, workshop, exhibitions organized
    • Research MoU with other university and colleges.
    • Bridge course and remedial courses.


    • Well-equipped laboratory.
    • A computer with Broadband Internet Connection.
    • Departmental Library with reference books, text books and e-books.
    • Interactive teaching with the help of LCD Projector.
    • Adequate numbers of Museum Specimens, Charts, Models and LCD  Projector
    • Agri consultancy for farmers, add on Course in Ethnobotany.


    • To update course contents by introducing recent developments in plant sciences.
    • To prepare the curriculum as such that it can attract, enthuse, sustain and promote the Interest of learners for selecting Botany and allied disciplines as their career and make them realize that their choice is intellectually rewarding.
    • To make provision for improvement in the quality of laboratory and field work in the lack of which the students are not able to appreciate the beauty and variety of form, structure, function and ecological significance of plants and their biological services.
    • To increase the awareness of young learners about the abuse to which plants have been subjected by human greed, and to expertise in exploration, identification and evaluation of plants, conservation of nature and natural resources and in the protection of endangered plant species and other biota dependent on them.
    • To provide for the mobility of students among institutions and different disciplines so as to acquaint with the latest trends and techniques adopted in the field of applied botany.
    • Evaluation for semester based programs shall be done through Continuous Assessment (C.A) and Semester End Examinations (S.E.E)


Sr. No. Name of StaffQualificationsJoining Date
1Dr. Santosh Vasant MadhaleM.Sc., B. Ed., Ph. D.20-02-2014
2Dr. Manisha Sureshkumar SutareM.Sc., Ph. D.20-02-2014
3Dr. Sudhir Pandurang DorugadeM.Sc., B. Ed., Ph. D.04-08-2018