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Department Of Zoology

Department is established in the year 2014-2015. College is situated on the exceptionally beautiful ranges of Sahyadri mountains. This department is undertaking some of the major problems facing the society and world today i.e. species extinction, environmental pollution, food security and exploitation of natural resources and it also fulfills necessities of the course. Staff and students are actively participating in many areas of research program from the structure and function of single cells through to the ecology, reproduction, development and evolution of animals. For students, department gives an opportunity to work in field and laboratory as well to gain the extra knowledge beyond their class room. Department has a highly qualified and well experienced full time faculty members.

Zoology as a subject provides wide scope for the students willing to go for higher studies. It includes subjects of Animal study such as Animal Diversity to the modern Molecular Biology Department deals with all Modern Sciences such as, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Medical Zoology besides the traditional aspects. Students are encouraged to participate in all academic activities, seminars, workshops and conferences organized by college or by other colleges/institutes/universities.

Faculty list

1Dr. Bharati Sangmesh WaliM.Sc., Ph.D.Head & Assistant Professor
2Dr.Vishwajeet Mahadev LagadeM.Sc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
3Dr. Bhosale Sukhada VasantM.Sc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Departmental Objectives:

    • To give knowledge of animal science to the students.
    • Motivating students to use the knowledge in their daily life.
    • Creating awareness about natural resources and environment
    • Creating awareness about nutrition, good health among girls, women and children.
    • Application of knowledge in Zoology for agriculture and in industries.
    • To encourage students to go for applied Zoology courses related with life sciences.
    • Creating well educated people in the society.

Strength of Department:

    • Department is enriched with highly qualified teaching faculty with good research experience
    • All faculties are awarded by Ph.D. Degree
    • Department having MoU with other college for knowledge exchange and enhance entrepreneurial mind set among rural students
    • Department encourages the students to Higher Educations
    • Department conducts add on course on Goat Farming of Applied Zoology.
    • Department motivates and support the students to participate in training programs, workshops, conference, college and inter college competitions.
    • Department has successful alumni with entrepreneurs and good post at government and non-government sector. 


Department is well nourished with spacious laboratories, good equipment’s including zoological specimens and Models.

Following are the list of equipment’s

Sr. No.Instruments
1Microtome with blade
2Hot Oven
3Hot water bath
5Portable centrifuge machine
6Magnetic stirrer
7Digital PH meter
8Digital Balance
9Digital Conductivity meter
10Turbidity meter
11Distillation water plant
12Compound microscope
13Spectrophotometers (VS)
14Binocular microscope