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Devrai Cleaning Activity

On September 1, 2023, Rautwadi Waterfall and Ugvaidevi Devrai were cleaned by the Department of Zoology in association with the Hornbill Club and Rajaram College Kolhapur. There is an increase in solid, plastic, and other non-decomposable waste in and around the Rautwadi Waterfall as a result of the large number of tourists who visit the site. While Ugvaidev Devrai is situated in a forest, the Devrai is heavily overrun by waste due to religious activities and other visitors. Both colleges carried out the cleaning activity in and around the Rautwadi waterfall and Ugvaidevi due to social responsibility and ecological significance. The cleaning activity involved a total of 31 students from both colleges and four faculties.
Dr. Shital Taware, the Head of Department and an Assistant Professor at Rajaram College in Kolhapur, has interacted with all of the students and has taught them the value of education. According to him, such natural habitats are crucial from a socio-ecological perspective. At last, Dr. Vishwajeet Lagade has expressed the thanks and gratitude towards the students and faculties those actively engaged in event.


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