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Wallpaper Exhibition (Chandrayaan-3) – Physics Department


Wallpaper Exhibition (Chandrayaan-3) was organized by Astro Club and Department of Physics on 2nd Sept. 2023 at Physics department. Dr. A. A. Jatratkar made required set up for the visualization of Chandrayaan-3 concept. This event aimed to celebrate India’s remarkable achievements in space exploration, specifically focusing on the Chandrayaan 3 mission. The exhibition showcased a diverse collection of wallpapers and digital art inspired by Chandrayaan 3 and previous lunar missions.

The heart of the event was the display of meticulously crafted and handwritten wallpapers and digital art, featuring stunning visuals of Chandrayaan 3, its mission objectives, and its impact on India’s space program. The artworks were contributed by talented students from across the B. Sc. classes.


The primary objective of this exhibition was to:

  • Raise awareness about India’s space endeavors and technological advancements in lunar exploration.
  • Inspire and engage the public, especially students and young enthusiasts, in the field of space science and technology.
  • Foster a sense of national pride and curiosity about space exploration.

Principal Dr. G. G. Chougale, Dr. A. A. Jatratkar, Dr. Sikandar Tamboli, Dr. R. B. Patil, Dr. S. V. Madhale, Dr. M. S. Sutare, Dr. S. V. Bhosale, Dr. A. D. Kamble, Dr. S. P. Dorugade, Dr. M. V. Patil, Dr. S. D. Khorate, Mr. J. K. Chavan, were present for the same. Students from B.Sc. I Physics have worked as volunteers.


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